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    Mitigating risk doesn’t have to be
    a frightning experience.

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Take control of the risks to your business

Create & Manage Risk Registers

Create multiple risk registers, enabling you
to separate and prioritise your risks by
category or department.

Prioritise Risks According to Urgency

Arrange your mitigation priorities by using Alligator’s
unique formula to prioritise your risks, ensuring that
you attend to the most urgent risk first.

Implement Measures to Reduce Risk

Implement mitigation measures, enabling
you to to reduce the probability and impact
of the risks to your business.

Monitor Your Responsibilities

Track risks that you created as well as those
shared with you and access the risks directly
from your user dashboard.

Access Intuitive Risk Dashboards

Gain clarity and confidence when taking management decisions by using graphical dashboards to obtain a global understanding your business risk.

Schedule Risk Reviews

Risks can change over time. Alligator enables
you to schedule when a risk is due for review
and to receive alerts to remind you.

Don’t just prioritise your risks,
Understand the financial impact.

Alligator enables you to clearly prioritise your business risks,
not only showing you the risks that need to be dealt with first, but
also which will have the biggest financial impact to your business.


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Alligator provides comprehensive risk management for small, medium and enterprise businesses. Unlike other risk systems, Alligator doesn't just organise risks in to high, medium, and low, it provides unique algorithms to prioritise each individual risk as well as showing their financial impact.


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