Attack, Attack, Attack!

Cyber-attack - that’s a real threat! Once upon a time predators could be seen and touched, these were the things we could defend against. Now the biggest threats are virtual. So, we at Ghost Digital & Data develop our software applications to try to adhere to the 14 principles of Cyber-Essentials, which is the first barrier of defence. For example, wherever possible we give users specific roles with encrypted passwords. We recommend these passwords are changed frequently. We implement 2 factor authentication wherever practicable and we assign user rights and privileges to each user. In terms of logging we try to generate an audit trail to see who has done what, when and a how.

If you want to dig deeper into our security posture and software methodology as well as how we supply SaaS from our highly secure data centres, click on the link below and we will contact you. That’s of course, once we’ve checked you, yourself, are not a threat to our business!